Lodge features

Large Main Hall (36′ x 66′)

  • A beautiful big fireplace.
  • A nice big bulletin board is in there, so we don’t allow nails or tape on the walls.
  • Sound system.
  • Pulpit.
  • Piano.
  • LDS sacrament table with plenty of trays
  • Lots of LDS hymnbooks.

Large Kitchen

  • Plenty of cooking equipment.
  • Plates and eating utensils are provided, however, cups are not. (If you prefer to bring your own paper or plastic cups and plates, you’re welcome to).
  • Dish washing soap, hand soap, paper towels, garbage bags, cleaning supplies and toilet paper are all provided.



  • A fire pit and plenty of firewood
  • A flagpole and flag.
  • A bell tower with a working bell to call your group to assembly (rope to ring bell is near the kitchen).
  • Plenty of RV spaces with full hookups.
  • Large area for tents.
  • Large baseball diamond (bring your own mitts).
  • Half basketball court (bring your own basketball).
  • Vollyball poles and net (bring your own volleyball).
  • Horseshoe pits.
  • Children’s play area, which includes a 20′ by 20′ sand box, swings, and a Big Toy.

To get more info please email us.

Thank you